Thinking of Spring

Wow!  Winter has come with a vengeance and boy is it cold!  It makes me long for the springtime and much warmer days.  Speaking of springtime…..

Makes me think about spring cleaning and sprucing things up for the new year.  That is where ColorGlo can be of service.  Have you looked at that old leather sofa or chair lately?  Is it really past the point looking a little “worn”?  Let us refresh your leather furniture and give you back the “new” refreshed look you remember.  Start off the year with a “new” look to your furniture, and to the overall look of your home.

ColorGlo can repair the finish and color, to leather, vinyl, and plastic, giving new life and a fresh look to your home, office, boardroom and auto interior.  Some projects will need to wait until the temperatures get warmer, but that is what we are hoping for.


Stay warm!