Terry came to my home this morning and restored my leather couch to
“like new” condition. I knew from the very beginning that he was a
perfectionist and would do a great job. Terry gave me a quote via
email, showed up on schedule and did a wonderful job. Sandy G,
Independence, MO

Terry, had to write about your ‘above and beyond’ service and about the outstanding results you achieved with my ‘irreplaceable’ leather armchair, ottoman and sofa! The items were scratched and faded, and now look NEW and beautiful again. They were restored to my complete satisfaction at a fair price. I am happy to refer my colleagues, clients and friends to your business. Thank you!

Vicki S.

I had a spot on my 2 year old leather couch. My service agreement would not fix it. Terry showed up and fixed it like new! It was a joy to see someone that was a perfectionist and had pride in his work. Will have him come back to fix the seat in my husband’s truck.

Connie W

I appreciate the amount of time you spent to make sure the seats were done right and as a result, I have had many compliments on how good the seats look after you re-dyed them.  They literally look brand new.  I whole hardily would recommend your services to anyone considering having their seats dyed, especially anyone with a King Ranch.

Jackson G.