Spring is finely here!

Well, we have survived another midwest winter.  Now it really is time to take care of all the things we put off because of the cold.  I have finally gotten to customers who wanted to refresh and restore their fine furniture, but  couldn’t due to the cold.  You must understand, we can’t always work strictly in the warmth of your home.  Sometimes when working on large furniture, (and many pieces) we may have to work from their garage area, due to the style of application for the new  finishes.

Working down my list, I worked on two projects this past week which made me smile upon completion.  In both cases the colors were severely faded and they really looked tired.  It took a few hours and some artistic creativity but we preformed ColorGlo “magic”.  Even though they had to wait, the customers are more than satisfied with the results.

Leather furniture should last you a lifetime and with our help, it can!