Sometime I Even Amaze Myself

For over eleven years I have owned and operated the Kansas City ColorGlo franchise and in that time we alway talk about the “miracles” we perform on a daily basis.  Truly it can be a miracle to take an “old, and tired” piece of leather furniture, and bring it back to where it looks like it just came off the showroom floor.  On occasion I even run into a job, which makes me groan, because the leather is so badly damaged or the poor leather just looks so bad.  Knowing I have the skills and the ColorGlo products to repair such damage helps, but then again, you just wonder if “this is the one” that I just can’t bring back?

I recently ran into two pieces which looked just that way, and I mentally had to get past the fact, it was “so bad”,  and begin the process of restoration.  Taking each issue, one by one, I resolved to bring this sofa and love seat, back from near “disposal” to a new life.

I should never have doubted; the pieces ended up looking fantastic once again, and another “miracle” had been performed.  The clients were very, very, happy with the results and I again took great pride in the work, and the results we are able to attain.