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Color Glo International has been the go-to source for nearly 35 years for auto dealerships, body shops, upholsterers, and private vehicles owners seeking an economical alternative to costly interior component replacement after damage from accident or vandalism. Manufacturers worldwide have accepted our exclusive proprietary treatment products for use in the renewal of their leather, vinyl, plastic and cloth fabric surfaces.

Our process uses only environmentally friendly water-based dyes certified to pass vertical burn testing requirements of the FAA under FAR 25.853 Appendix F part (a)(l)(ii) AMD-25-72 standards and have been shown to have a neutral impact on aircraft leather upholstery flammability. Much of our client base is composed of aviation industry firms and aircraft owners of every class.

Replacement costs of leather interior components have jumped dramatically in recent years. Our renewal processes are not restricted to vehicles, but are also widely called for in residential applications and furnishing repair. We perform warranty repair work and can restore a damaged vehicle dashboard after vandalism or stereo equipment theft. Color Glo technicians are called upon daily to address pet damaged seats, cigarette burn marks, torn convertible tops, cracked and damaged door panels, and other common repair items.

Restoration Services for High Quality Results

Restoration services by Color Glo are performed using eco-friendly products that are water based and formulated to be non-flammable, fast drying, and free of offensive chemical odors. Property restored with our process is ready to use within minutes of reconditioning.

Our on-site service is highly popular among Color Glo customers, who appreciate the fact that time-consuming transportation of their property is eliminated and the off-site security of their item is no longer a concern. With Color Glo you can restore your valuable investment to its original like-new condition at your convenience.

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