Satisfaction in Owning Your Own Business

Coming from a totally different background in the business world to owning a ColorGlo franchise has given me great satisfaction over these past ten years.  The opportunity to learn a skill, develop a new business, and work with my hands, has been one of the best decisions I ever made.  During the average work week we meet from 10 to 12 new customers and enjoy creating “miracles”,  restoring the leather, vinyl or plastic in their homes, or cars.    Something I would never have imagined in my life prior to the decision to work for myself.  If you have that same itch to go out on your own, I would highly recommend taking the leap.  Especially if it is with franchisers like ColorGlo.

I have now reached the point in my career that I think about leaving the business for retirement and would love to find someone willing to take that same leap I did years ago, but do it with an already established business.  A business that provides for a good income and can grow, even more with the right person.  Now keep in mind this is not a business that you can jump right into with out proper training and experience.  These are essential  if you are going to be able to grow and prosper.

Then there are the financial  considerations.  At first a small investment ($10 to $15K) to subcontract within the local franchise and learn your new trade, then you can own your own business when the time comes.  This small investment in your future is to not only show your commitment to the business but to give you all the tools and initial training to start you on your way, developing your business and an income nearly immediately.

Is ownership of a business right for you?  Only you can say, but the opportunities are our their if you wish to take the leap.  Oh and in this business, you can’t be color blind!

I say leap!