Green Company – Color Glo of Kansas City

Safeguarding The Earth With Environmentally Responsible Products

Color Glo is proud to demonstrate our environmental commitment as a GREEN COMPANY.

Environmental responsibility is a front-page concern these days, and many customers prefer to take their business to vendors who show they care about the Earth. Color Glo is proud to be counted among those responsible businesses. Color Glo International has built a reputation as an industry leader in developing restoration products that keep environmental impact in sight at all points of design, development and production. Our eco-friendly, water based, odorless and non-toxic products all meet the strict standards of the ASTM.

We invite our clients and customers to join us in environmental stewardship by maintaining a vigilant attitude toward product disposal and compliance with industry environmental standards. Every effort we make, from planting trees to supporting environmental protection causes, helps preserve and protect the world we all live in. Consumers and businesses alike can share responsibility in practicing Earth-friendly habits and policies.


Color Glo Green Logo