For over eleven years I have owned and operated the Kansas City ColorGlo franchise and in that time we alway talk about the “miracles” we perform on a daily basis.  Truly it can be a miracle to take an “old, and tired” piece of leather furniture, and bring it back to where it looks like it just came off the showroom floor.  On occasion I even run into a job, which makes me groan, because the leather is so badly damaged or the poor leather just looks so bad.  Knowing I have the skills and the ColorGlo products to repair such damage helps, but then again, you just wonder if “this is the one” that I just can’t bring back?

I recently ran into two pieces which looked just that way, and I mentally had to get past the fact, it was “so bad”,  and begin the process of restoration.  Taking each issue, one by one, I resolved to bring this sofa and love seat, back from near “disposal” to a new life.

I should never have doubted; the pieces ended up looking fantastic once again, and another “miracle” had been performed.  The clients were very, very, happy with the results and I again took great pride in the work, and the results we are able to attain.

Testimonial or Feedback
Terry came to my home this morning and restored my leather couch to
“like new” condition. I knew from the very beginning that he was a
perfectionist and would do a great job. Terry gave me a quote via
email, showed up on schedule and did a wonderful job. Sandy G,
Independence, MO

My burgundy leather couch, chair and ottoman look brand new in dark brown.  But the most impressive part is the service.  The actual job was a couple of hundred less than the estimate that we agreed on.  Unheard of to charge less than expected.


Dan G.

Overland Park, KS

Well, we have survived another midwest winter.  Now it really is time to take care of all the things we put off because of the cold.  I have finally gotten to customers who wanted to refresh and restore their fine furniture, but  couldn’t due to the cold.  You must understand, we can’t always work strictly in the warmth of your home.  Sometimes when working on large furniture, (and many pieces) we may have to work from their garage area, due to the style of application for the new  finishes.

Working down my list, I worked on two projects this past week which made me smile upon completion.  In both cases the colors were severely faded and they really looked tired.  It took a few hours and some artistic creativity but we preformed ColorGlo “magic”.  Even though they had to wait, the customers are more than satisfied with the results.

Leather furniture should last you a lifetime and with our help, it can!

Wow!  Winter has come with a vengeance and boy is it cold!  It makes me long for the springtime and much warmer days.  Speaking of springtime…..

Makes me think about spring cleaning and sprucing things up for the new year.  That is where ColorGlo can be of service.  Have you looked at that old leather sofa or chair lately?  Is it really past the point looking a little “worn”?  Let us refresh your leather furniture and give you back the “new” refreshed look you remember.  Start off the year with a “new” look to your furniture, and to the overall look of your home.

ColorGlo can repair the finish and color, to leather, vinyl, and plastic, giving new life and a fresh look to your home, office, boardroom and auto interior.  Some projects will need to wait until the temperatures get warmer, but that is what we are hoping for.


Stay warm!





Coming from a totally different background in the business world to owning a ColorGlo franchise has given me great satisfaction over these past ten years.  The opportunity to learn a skill, develop a new business, and work with my hands, has been one of the best decisions I ever made.  During the average work week we meet from 10 to 12 new customers and enjoy creating “miracles”,  restoring the leather, vinyl or plastic in their homes, or cars.    Something I would never have imagined in my life prior to the decision to work for myself.  If you have that same itch to go out on your own, I would highly recommend taking the leap.  Especially if it is with franchisers like ColorGlo.

I have now reached the point in my career that I think about leaving the business for retirement and would love to find someone willing to take that same leap I did years ago, but do it with an already established business.  A business that provides for a good income and can grow, even more with the right person.  Now keep in mind this is not a business that you can jump right into with out proper training and experience.  These are essential  if you are going to be able to grow and prosper.

Then there are the financial  considerations.  At first a small investment ($10 to $15K) to subcontract within the local franchise and learn your new trade, then you can own your own business when the time comes.  This small investment in your future is to not only show your commitment to the business but to give you all the tools and initial training to start you on your way, developing your business and an income nearly immediately.

Is ownership of a business right for you?  Only you can say, but the opportunities are our their if you wish to take the leap.  Oh and in this business, you can’t be color blind!

I say leap!


As a franchise owner with ColorGlo International, I am always trying to stay current with the latest technologies and techniques available in our business so we can continue to create “miracles” with leather, vinyl and plastic repairs.  To that end, we meet each year in Minneapolis at the ColorGlo International Seminar, to review new products, and applications and network with fellow franchisees (from the U.S., and around the world).  Over a number of days we tackle many subjects but always come away having learned more about what we do, and the best techniques to service our customers.

ColorGlo  really is different when it comes to a franchise operation, in that we are truly, more like a large family.  This year “my family” honored me with the Everett Smith Award (named in honor of our founder).   An award given annually to a franchise operator best exemplifying the traits we value as ColorGlo operators.  I was truly honored and humbled by this.  Not to mention, surprised!  I am proud to bring this award back to Kansas City and will display it in my office for years to come.


One of the fun parts about working with leather, is to come in contact with “high end” luxury or performance vehicles like Rolls Royce or Ferrari that need my expertise.  A specialty auto shop in southern Johnson county called recently with a project.  It was my pleasure to work not only with a new customer , but even better, to work on the interior of a Lamborghini.   The seats were not terrible but showed wear from a few years of sliding in and out.  I was able to rebuild the finish and restore the color to a near new condition which will delight this specialty shop’s customer.

Better yet, I have developed a new relationship and they have asked me to come back to work on another Lamborghini.  I love demonstrating my skills, and building relationships that last and I look forward to working with them in the future.