Color Glo of Kansas City – Color Repair Experts

Color Glo Kansas City - Terry StammColor Glo has earned its reputation in Kansas City by delivering the very best in color restoration and leather repair for fine furniture, automotive interiors, and much more! We’re proud members of the Color Glo international family, a franchised corporation founded in Minneapolis, MN in 1975. A family owned business, Color Glo has been under the same family management since its inception. We offer full service restoration for leather products, vinyl, and plastics, as well as stain removal from fabric items in commercial and residential use.

Your choice of Color Glo as your repair provider represents a prudent partnership with a company that has the greatest cumulative knowledge, experience, and time-honored standards in the industry. Leather product repairs are an area of specialty for us, and we provide unparalleled mobile repair service dealing with common leather damage issues such as color fading, surface scratches, cuts and scuffs, punctures, burns, pet damage, and stubborn stains. Leather is subject to degradation over time from regular use, but Color Glo technicians have the skills and specialized products to restore the three primary leather varieties – finished, (protected) aniline, and nubuck – to like-new condition.

Quality results and superior customer service have been our trademark since we began operations nearly 40 years ago. An unwavering focus on quality and use of our own proprietary restoration products have made it possible for us to offer our customers the best in auto and furniture leather renovation. Our exclusive processes save you the costly burden of replacing worn or damaged leather property, and we follow our restoration process with helpful maintenance tips that will keep your item looking fresh and beautiful.

Repair and Restoration of all Property to Enhance Value

Upholstery wear and damage is a common issue in homes, offices, automobiles, aircraft, boats, and commercial venue seating. Color Glo technicians can restore items showing damage, dirt, fading, and mismatched patterns on most interior surfaces. Customers seeking renewal to original appearance or a completely changed look find their answer in our re-dying and color restoration services. We serve both residential and commercial customers in a variety of settings, including theaters, automotive dealerships, office buildings, marinas, educational campuses, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, and private homes.

Environmental responsibility and safety are important aspects of our service. We use proprietary water-based cleaning compounds that are environmentally safe, odorless, and non-flammable, and are formulated in the USA for strict quality control.

Convenience is an important part of our service as well. We offer on-site service to address concerns about security and transportation of your processed item, and our formulas are engineered to dry quickly in order to return your item to use as quickly as possible.